Are expensive blow dryers worth it?

I have always been a huge believer in " you get what you pay for". But when it comes to hot tools to add to your beauty arsenal, it can be challenging, so many different options how can you be sure what your buying is the best for your hair?

First understand that while the blow dryers job is to do just that dry and style your hair keep in mind that the wrong dryer can make your hair frizzy and dull.

But what factors should you consider and what should you ignore? Are expensive blow dryers worth the price? And does it really make a difference?

Keep reading below to find out:

1. Weight Matters

Because blow dryers are hand held tools how heavy the dryer is, is differently a key factor. You don't want to be holding up a 2lb-5lb blow dryer for 30 mins. So ideally a dryer around 1 lb is typically the most comfortable and less stress on your shoulders weight to purchase. Check the box on the dryer and it should tell you what the weight is.

2. Material

Blow dryers coated in rubber specially so they won't break when dropped and blow dryers with removable traps allowing you to clean the lint out to stop the dryer from sparking tend to come with a higher price tag. This option is totally worth the extra cost because it extends the life of your dryer.

3. Run from anything Ionic

Remember in science when we learned that ions are electrically charged particles? Well ionic hair dyers shoot out negative ions to break up the water in your hairs positive ions so that they run like ants scattering all over the hair so it drys faster. Ideally that means less dry time, less dry time means less heat and less heat means less damage.Doesn't sound to bad right? Not so fast, if you have fine limp hair or super straight hair most ionic dryers will leave your hair limps and forget getting any volume.

4. Bigger isn't always better

When it comes to wattage for your blow dryer a safe range for most hair types is somewhere around 1300 to 1800 watts. Professional models in the salon have more power and can range up to 3600 watts because they are drying a half a dozen heads a day. So unless your a family of 6 and only have one blow dryer for everyone or your hair is so thick you are single handily keeping the hair tie companies in business no reason to folk over the cash for more power.

5. Texture is still a thing

Why you might ask it's just a blow dryer? All I need it for is to dry my hair? Well my friend remember that science lesson from earlier? Curly hair should opt for tourmaline, fine hair for ceramic and thick hair needs more power. Also make sure your dryer has a cold shot button to seal down the cuticle when your done.

6. Everything else

-More expensive dryers are going to have a longer and better warranty because they stand by their brand.

- Higher end dryers tend to have longer cords for more flexibility

-Higher end dryers tend to have longer lasting and quieter motors. For example the T3 PROi has a brush motor which gives you less vibration for a quieter operation and longer life of your dryer. Cheaper blow dryers will typically stick to the conventional AC or DC motors.

All that being said if you have simple needs then ponying up big money on a hair dryer isn't really a necessity. However you shouldn't be spending $20 on one either. Stick to around $50-100 range. You lazy girls should opt for the higher end dryers, because it will take the guess work out of determining what you need in a dyer and less likely to walk around with dry damage hair.

And of course it's always important to pay attention to safety first.